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This is the Privacy Policy for The privacy and protection of a user's information is very important to us and the below information explains how data and information is collected when a user browses the website. Please read the information outlined in this Privacy Policy before you use our website. We support all web privacy and data responsibility and follow all such regulation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Cookies are used on this website. A "cookie" is a small file that collects information about your browsing habits and preferences. It is important to note that a cookie does not personally identify a user, but essentially helps to personalise your browsing experience when visiting a website. A user's browser will typically be set to track cookie data. However, any web user can turn off cookie data in their browsers, depending which web browser you are using. Should you feel that you do not want to allow cookies while you are browsing this site, or any other, please follow your web browser's instructions for disabling cookies - this option is usually found within a browser's preferences or settings menu.

Cookies and Advertising

Cookies are also used for online advertising purposes and this site uses the Google cookies. Google and its third party vendors will use cookie data to serve ads based on a user's visit to this site. Cookie data will also be used in the serving of ads based on a user's visits to other external website's prior to this site, as well as sites visited after this website. More details regarding how Google uses such information with its advertising services - and how as a user you can control this information should you so require - can be found here. Any user can opt out of the Google DoubleClick cookie by following the information listed at Ad Settings Or, more details are provided at detailing how a user can opt-out of cookies used by Third Party Vendors for advertising purposes.

Personal Information

A user's personal information is not asked for or collected during the use of this website. However, if a user wants to subscribe to brand catalogs, they send us their e-mail address. This information is collected only so we can send brand catalogs. Under no circumstances are these details used for any other purposes and no such data will be passed on to any third party company or service.

Non-Personal and Analytics-based Information

In using this website, various non-personal information is collected in server logs and analytics software. This data is non-personally identifiable and relates to how a user has browsed or interacted with the website. Such data that is collected can include: time spent on site, pages viewed, pages exited, time of visit, date of visit, device type, operating system and IP address and country location of visit. This type of data is collected by most websites when a user browses a website - it helps to determine and understand how the website is being used and in turn can help to make informed decisions to help improve overall usability and services offered.

External Websites

Occasionally this website will provide links to external websites where we feel this is necessary to aid a user's browsing experience. Privacy Policies for any external website cannot be endorsed by this website. For any queries or questions relating to how an external website may collect and use data, each Privacy Policy for each external website visited should be read.

Privacy Policy Updates

Revisions to the Privacy Policy for will be made on this page when necessary to reflect any changes the website may undertake over time.


If you have any queries relating to this Privacy Policy, please contact us. ( [email protected] )

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