Have an unforgettable night with karaoke, which is the most fun to do when you get together with friends and one of the most romantic activities to do with your lover! Your voice doesn't even need to be captivating; let other people in the venue think about it. There are many delightful karaoke bars in London. Whether you sing, dance or enjoy a drink and snacks… When it comes to karaoke London is one of the best cities. The best 10 karaoke bars in London will meet all your expectations.

1. The Bat and Ball, Westfield Stratford City

The Bat & Ball is one of the liveliest and most spacious venues in Westfield Stratford. Live sports, delicious cocktails, unlimited beer, and pizza are here -where are you? UV karaoke booths contain over 20,000 songs. Therefore whether you are listening to Metallica or Britney Spears, we're sure you'll find the song you are looking for. The Bat & Ball is a great place to gather with your friends and spend a karaoke night.

The dining options of the place, which is open every day of the week, are extremely wide. The menu includes a variety of wraps, salads, pizzas, ribs, wings, and big stuff options, which are perfect for large groups. Vegans can also enjoy the food here. Every Friday and Saturday, the DJ offers live music.

The Bat & Ball has a game room on the top floor. Here you can play beer pong and participate in table tennis tournaments. Give your own concert in your karaoke room or have a good time playing pool. Private rentals are available for large groups at The Bat & Ball. Don't forget to make a reservation if you are planning a super fun party.

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2. The Star By Hackney Downs, Lower Clapton

The Star By Hackney Downs is furnished in an old-fashioned way. The moment you walk through the door, you will find old furniture, retro accessories, and a place reminiscent of the 90s. Located in East London, the venue is one of the best places to have an unlimited beer. Moreover, the food is exceptionally delicious! You can find street food from different cuisines around the world. We recommend you try the salami chicken and delicious hamburgers.

The Star By Hackney Downs has a capacity of 110 people. If you are looking for a karaoke bar for a birthday party, congratulations, you have found the best place! With the Lucky Voice singing machine, all your guests can experience the excitement of being on the stage one by one. The Star By Hackney Downs has a large terrace where you can enjoy the plants. The venue includes function and karaoke rooms.

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3. Lan Kwai Fong Camden, Calk Farm

Are you ready to experience karaoke London and Chinese cuisine together? Lan Kwai Fong Camden is the ideal place for those who cannot give up Asian cuisine even while singing. There are delicious East Asian cuisines, dozens of drink options, three digital beer pong tables, and karaoke as well. What more could a person want? Lan Kwai Fong Camden is open every day of the week; you can sip your cocktail while eating chilli & tofu, soft shell crab, or fried chicken wings.

Experience Hong Kong specialty teas or taste eccentric Taiwanese dishes. The cocktail list here is pervasive and original. You may not find a better place to taste dragon eye in London.

Lan Kwai Fong Camden invites you not only with its food but also with its fun atmosphere. The venue's karaoke system is state-of-the-art, and plasma monitors are high resolution. You don't want to miss the private party rooms here.

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4. Inamo Games Room, Wardour Street

Experience interactive fun with delicious food in Inamo Games Room! The games room has its own bar, and fun lovers have special dining options. There are two projections on the wall, and they are over 150 inches wide. The game options here are more than 200; thanks to its game room, a group of 8 friends can fight fiercely at the same time.

For a fun birthday party, you won't find a better place than the Inamo Games Room. The venue has Apple TV and Chromecast. At the same time, almost all the retro games you missed are available here. You can enjoy playing games with Ps4 or Atari or sing karaoke if you want... Of course, you have the right to have a FIFA night with your friends.

You will discover your voice with Vocal Star Karaoke Cart Hits in Inamo Games Room. The place is super fun and has a wonderful environment with lots of facilities. Fun continues every day of the week at Inamo Games Room.

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5. The Old Queen’s Head, Islington

If you are looking for a large area for karaoke, you can enjoy the night by renting the 15-person karaoke room of The Old Queen's Head. In addition, the game room has a capacity of 70 people. Choose from 10,000 songs to start karaoke or play pinball or old console games. The Old Queen's Head is open from 4.30 pm to 1 am. Therefore you can choose this place for drinks, entertainment, and the coolest games.

Live music, London's best DJs, delicious food, and best cocktails come together at The Old Queen's Head. Don't miss out on extra comedy and music opportunities every Tuesday in one of the best places to do karaoke London.

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6. Karaoke Box, Mayfair Smithfield

Karaoke Box has been serving entertainment-seekers in London as a quiet and friendly place for a long time. In the karaoke booths here, you can feel comfortable as if you were at home because they are extremely safe. In addition to great songs, you have a great selection of drinks, thanks to their bar. Karaoke Box has 15 rooms where you can have a safe karaoke night.

The Karaoke Box is open Monday through Saturday from 12 pm to 2 am; on Sundays the venue opens at 11 pm. On average, prices start at £30 for 5 people and are very affordable. So for your small parties and a fun night, this is one of the best options.

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7. Lucky Voice Karaoke, Soho

Luck Voice Karaoke is one of the places that cannot be passed without mentioning in the karaoke London list. You can have a birthday party, bachelorette party, work party, or just a fun night at London's favorite venue. More than 10,000 karaoke songs are featured here, and special pods are served with food & drinks. Lucky Voice Soho is open from Wednesday to Saturday until 3 am.

The karaoke system is highly advanced and works with touch. Each room has adequate lighting and disco balls. Experienced mixologists of the venue can offer the guests cocktails with the aromas they are looking for. You can eat from the pizza or snack menus if you get hungry. Lucky Voice Soho has 9 rooms, from 4 to 17 people.

Lucky Voice Soho is different from other karaoke London places! For family karaoke parties, before 6 pm on Sundays and 3 pm on Saturdays, fewer than 18s are also welcome.

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8. Lucky Voice Holborn

Lucky Voice Holborn has private karaoke rooms and a fine cocktail bar. On Fridays and Saturdays, the fun continues until 4 am. The karaoke system consists of advanced devices. Lucky Voice Holborn has 10 private karaoke rooms that can host between 8 and 30 people.

Each room has more than 10,000 popular songs, food and beverage service. Here you'll also find the best cocktails in London. If you feel hungry, you can eat pizza or choose one of the delicious dishes on the menu.

Lucky Voice is located in a trendy location on Holborn Chancery Lane. It is almost full every day. Lucky Voice Holborn's promise to you includes party games, karaoke, cocktail options and delicious snacks.

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9. The Star of Kings, 126 York Way

The Star of Kings will make you experience the karaoke night you are looking for with its rich music portfolio. You will find the atmosphere of an old pub in the place, which is one of the ideal places to have a good time. Comedian performances, live music, and DJs add fun to the place on different days of the week. The ambiance here is both extremely relaxed and fun.

Delicious food and drinks are also available at The Star of Kings. You can enjoy free wifi while chatting with your friends, and also, you can have karaoke night with more than 10,000 song options. The drink menu is extremely wide - try new cocktails or just a drink cup of coffee. The venue has two event rooms, and if you don't find the karaoke rooms sufficient, you can book one of them.

The green room is ideal for business meetings, birthday parties celebrated with family and gathering with friends. The other room is more extensive and is located downstairs.

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10. Hip Hop Karaoke London, Shoreditch

Hip Hop Karaoke London offers over 200 music options. When you pick up the microphone, you can feel like 50 cents or Eminem. Song portfolio of the venue mainly consists of hip hop and R&B genres. You can have fun at Hip Hop Karaoke with a live DJ and enjoy Shoreditch bar every Thursday.

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