Thanks to the Daily Mail Rewards Club, you can now get free Nectar Points each day with the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday. This system has been going on since August 2017 and it enables you to collect what is called Nectar points with Mail Rewards. If you are looking for a generous way to claim loyalty points each week, this may be what you are searching for. In this entry, we will try to inform you about the way the reward scheme works and what can be done to maximise the benefits.

How does the Daily Mail Rewards Club work?

It may have missed your attention, but each Mail newspaper has a special code printed on the bottom. These unique numbers are what get you Nectar points each and every day. Nectar points add up over the year and every month you can get up to 250 Nectar points. It is very simple, you get the code from the Mail newspaper and go to the MyMail site. On that website, you will see an area where you can enter your special code.

How do I claim free Nectar Points?

The first thing you need to do is to create a Mail account. Then, you need to link your Nectar account to your MyMail account in order to get the Daily Mail rewards. This process is like the one that you use to collect Nectar points for your purchases from eBay or Argos. By entering your Nectar card number and the password you use for your Nectar account online, you should access your online Nectar page. In case you do not have an online account, the MyMail website enables you to set up a Nectar card number.

Start earning Mail rewards

Now you are ready to get your Nectar points. All you need to do is to enter the code from your Mail newspaper each day, and you are good to go. You don’t have to enter the code on the same day that you bought the paper. Starting from the day it was published, you got until the midnight of the fourth day. For example, for a newspaper that was published on Saturday, you can enter the code anytime you want until midnight Wednesday.

Where can I find the Daily Mail Rewards Club unique numbers?

The place of the Daily Mail Rewards Club unique numbers is clearly indicated when you realise. Get to the sports page and look at the bottom of the paper. There, you can see an arrow at the bottom right-hand corner of the paper which points at the date and code. The code that you are going to enter at the MyMail site should consist of 12 digits.

If still can’t find a unique number

There are times when things don't work like they're supposed to. There may be a ripped off page or numbers may be missing. You may even have spilled something on your newspaper in a way that you can't read the numbers. Also, in the case of someone using your code before you, you can't use your code anymore. If you are facing a problem like this, you can use the missing number system online MyMail provided. However, if you want to use this system, you should be able to look at the newspaper and all supplements because, in order to recover your code, they are going to ask some questions about the content of one of the pages. You don't need to worry though. The questions they ask are very straightforward, they generally ask about the advertisements on a certain page of You magazine or ask to find a word on a page. You will also need to inform them about the date of the paper and the reason why you are unable to use your code. Don't forget that the newspaper should be published within the last 5 days. If you are able to fit these requirements, then you can still enjoy Nectar points from your lost code.

How many Nectar points can I earn with Daily Mail?

The amount of Nectar point you get differs based on the way you purchase your paper but every month, you can earn up to 250 Nectar points.

If you’re not a subscriber, the most you can earn is 50 Nectar card points every week. Papers on the weekdays can get you 5 Nectar points each. This number is 10 points for the one on Saturday. And with the Sunday paper, you get to collect 15 points. You get your rewards immediately. There used to be a system that gave you an extra 30 points if you managed to get all 7 days. However, this system is no longer used. Now, they give occasional incentives for non-subscribers.

If you’re a subscriber of The Ultimate Pack, all the Nectar points you get are double the non-subscriber points. Therefore, you get 10 Nectar points from the newspaper published during the weekdays, 20 points from the Saturday newspaper, and the paper on Sunday get you 30 points. Points can be seen in your account the same day you enter them. By being a subscriber of The Ultimate Pack, you can get 250 points a month if you do not miss a day.

If you’re a subscriber of The Digital Edition, you don't get a paper. So, since you read it online, you cannot use a code on the back of the paper. Instead, as long as you are still subscribed, they will give you 50 Nectar points by the 21st day of the following month. You won't need to enter any codes to the site, in fact, you don't have to do anything in order to get these Nectar points.

The ways you can use your Daily Mail Nectar points

The Mail rewards you have collected go into your Nectar balance just like any other loyalty points you collect. After that, you get to use these rewards as you usually would. Also, they can be used directly with MyMail as well. The current offer is that you can request a £5 M&S eGiftcard voucher in exchange for the 1,000 points you have collected. By the way, you can use this eGiftcard voucher both in store and online.

How much are Nectar points worth?

As you keep collecting Nectar points, you get to convert them to cash. If you use the offers and maximize the Nectar points you get from Daily Mail Rewards Club, your points will add up to a great amount a lot quicker.

Nectar points are worth:

100 Nectar points are worth 50p

200 Nectar points are worth £1.00

300 Nectar points are worth £1.50

In order to learn exactly how much your Nectar points worth, you can use some of the Nectar point calculators online. Using the right methods, you can collect up to 3,000 points at the end of the year which is equal to £15 in cash. However, if you don't use them at this stage, they can worth more. There is an event called the Nectar Double Up which enables you to double your Nectar points. This valuable event generally takes place before Christmas, which means that if you do not spend your points before the Nectar Double Up event, you can double a considerable amount of points.

Are there any other benefits to Mail Rewards?

Giving you some free points is not the only advantageous thing the MyMail site does. SHOPPING: You can keep on collecting Nectar points by using the Mail Shop. The shop offers many great deals and savings on books. Also, they have many home products which are generally printed in the Daily Mail paper. The current deal is that you get 6 points in case you for every £1 you spend. This value is about the triple of what is generally given from Sainsbury’s. OFFERS AND REWARDS: If you use this site, then you can earn offers, promotions, and permission to enter some awesome competitions which can result in you getting things like free stuff, big discounts on holidays, and many other experiences.

How to get Nectar Points from Mail Rewards without purchasing a paper

There is a way of earning Nectar points without buying a paper. That way is having a MyWaitrose card and going shopping at Waitrose. They will provide you a free newspaper every you spend £10 in store or £40 online. They also give you the choice about the newspaper you are going to earn. And if you choose to get The Daily Mail or The Mail on Sunday which will allow you to get your special code for free. So, you can use this advantage whenever you go shopping to pick some bread and milk, maybe a bottle of wine or the week's food shop. You should keep in mind that another thing you can get from Waitrose is a free hot drink. In order to do that, you should get a reusable cup and grab a token every time you've paid. Also, if you have a card, you can save even more money using their exclusive price offers.

Easily collect more Nectar points

The Daily Mail Rewards Club is just one way of collecting a lot of Nectar points. For example, you can go shop in Sainsbury's to collect more points. You can even increase the number of Nectar points you get from shopping in Sainsbury's by downloading the new Nectar app.