In today’s world, thriving economically is a tough task. Affording your daily expenses and paying bill is a hard job when you become an independent adult and it is harder for those who have had no life training about how to earn and manage your money. What happens is that soon after a kid graduates high-school, their parents start to force them to make a huge life-changing decision of choosing a career, picking a college and deciding their future. At such point, the kid realizes the oncoming tough and tiring life he/she is headed into. Often, they cannot make a well thought decision and end up making a wrong choice which is followed by a lifelong regret and difficulties. This particular reason is why parents should start training their children about life and life choices from early ages. Training them to earn and manage a little amount of money when they are young will help them throughout their adult life.

Many kids are naturally interested in saving money however some kids like to spent whatever they have. Teaching them the importance of earning does not necessarily complete your task. Educating them about savings is also an integral part of it. Earning money has become a piece of cake nowadays. Kids and people of young age can make money quite easily. The options are limitless whether it is an online or in-person job. A child will see earning as a hobby and a favorite part of their time if you do not force it on them and let them choose a way of their own liking. However, what a child chooses must be in your knowledge and should be checked by you.



There are several in person ways of making money and every job has its pros and cons. Some kids are into interacting with others and like to spend time with people, so, for such kids babysitting is a golden opportunity. Babysitters are paid well and the job is easy as you can have free days in between. Arrange a babysitting job for your kids yourself with a family and house that you know and are comfortable with. In such condition, you will not be worried about the safety of your child.


Babysitting, although, can be tough for those who do not like to spend time with other kids or people. Such children have plenty of other options. Yard sale is also an easy and effortless job. Teach your kids to use their things like clothes, shoes and toys with care so that they remain in a good condition and can sell them when they get old


Creativity is usually at peak in a 10-14 years old child. Tell them to utilize their creativity and make some profit out of it. Designing plain T-shirts, scarves, caps and other clothing items is a fun way to pass one’s time. Many people appreciate a hand designed item. Thus, Selling DIY designed clothes is also a fun way of earning money.

Watering plants for families who are out of town or elderly who cannot do it by themselves is also a well-paying job.


  • Walking neighbors’ dog
  • Cleaning their driveway
  • Tidying up a garden
  • Grocery-shopping
  • Car- washing
  • Make jewelry
  • Flip products


Immediate payment is the essential part for your child to stay motivated for working. Online earning fulfills this criterion. We are living in the era of internet. Children these days are far more interested in internet than in daily life and far more skillful in it than older people. Most of the time in the day of a 21st century child is taken up by social media, online gaming and internet surfing. This waste of time can however prove useful if utilized correctly and carefully. Do not scold your kids for using excess of computer or restrict their approach to internet. Instead, indulge them into profitable hobbies on internet. Divide their free time into play and work. There are unlimited ways of making money online.


Taking surveys online for money is a trending job right now. People use different websites to fill out easy surveys and end up making a lot of money. These kinds of surveys are quite to the point and easy to understand. Direct your child’s attention to such kind of surveys.


If your child is interested in arts and drawing, then, illustration making and selling is the job for him/her. While making the illustration the kid enjoys his/her time and earns at money, simultaneously.


Technology is far more approachable these days than any other amenity. YouTube is used in almost every home, workplace, school and university. Over the past few years, many Youtubers have claimed that they have become quite rich by just uploading videos on YouTube. A decent amount of money can come your child’s way if he is interested in YouTube. Tell him to get inspiration from his favorite youtubers and starting making videos of his own. This process has benefits only as it adds confidence in a child’s personality, removes the fear of public speaking and earns him money. All these things collectively as well as separately will prove positive and contributive towards your child’s character and career development.


Selling old stuff such as clothes, shoes, toys, musical instruments is a proficient and smart activity to earn effortlessly. Spend your free time with your kids and make jewelry, paintings or design T-shirts with them to sell them online. These kinds of activities bring you close to your kid and allow to know more about how they think, their likes, dislikes, strengths and weakness as well as makes them money.

Selling online is pretty similar to setting up a yard sale. But it has its advantages and disadvantages as compared to a yard sale. A yard sale is less paying as the customers are usually your neighbors, relatives or friends who are often resistant in paying a lot of money. But in online selling, you can adjust the money at quite a wider span and your product reaches far more people than a regular yard sale. The con is that presently, the internet is loaded with such websites and apps that allow you to buy online stuff and reach different sellers and vendors throughout the world. In such case, getting your product the recognition and reach is a difficult and long process.


Gaming has become a trend and a must hobby for almost all the teenagers and some adults throughout the world. Every 21st century teenager especially males go through a phase of endless day and night online gaming. No matter how many games are available on the internet, they seem insufficient to them. Utilizing public interests like these is a competent way of making a profit. Creating and selling games of different categories consisting of levels, characters and other interest attracting features is a great business. Selling games makes a huge profit in today’s era. Involve your child in game making and selling business.


Writing is a positive contributor for a person’s vocabulary and skills. It is a hobby that benefits you the most. Some teenage students are intensely attracted towards writing.  Try to persuade your kid into writing a blog. Blogs are the talk of town these days. A lot people of different professions have developed an interest for blog reading and following. Bloggers throughout the world are earning loads of money by merely writing about read-worthy topics or even just about their own life. Ask you kid to start at a basic level and develop a habit to write about his day and daily activities in a dairy or a bullet journal. Motivate him to progressively move on to writing it on his laptop and computer. When he develops the interest and expertise for such writing, move him on to blog writing. Compel him to indulge in researching about different topics and current issues to make his written content more authentic and attractive. He will slowly start to observe and examine usual things and will start writing even unconsciously. He will be making money as well training his mind to achieve higher levels of thinking and cognition.


  • App tester
  • Live streaming
  • Making music
  • Selling photographs
  • Fiverr and other online gig providing sites

Parents and guardians must remember one thing; start education your children about money, its value and its demerits from early age. Prepare them for the hurdles they are about to face in their future life as the onus lies on your shoulders to guide them through life. Involve them in your tasks like buying grocery, paying electric bills etc. to make them understand the value of currency and the condition of current economy. These processes help them adapt to their adult life requirements and challenges easily and smoothly, without panicking and going through life crisis. Slowly yet successfully, they will begin to grasp the concept of saving for their aims and dreams. Inform them that the money they are earning is of best use if it’s saved for their future. Definitely, they would like to spend it and deserve to spend some of it. But saving it for the future is the correct decision and clearing this concept to them is a parent’s duty.