Are you curious about how it’s possible to earn £100 a day? At just £100 a day your salary would be £36,000 per year which is higher than the national average. This type of income could mean the difference between having trouble making ends meet and being successful economically.

Ways to Earn £100 a Day

The first step in earning £100 a day is to download certain apps on your phone. The following apps I’m going to discuss can provide options to earn money that won’t make you rich, but they take hardly any effort to earn cash or savings in terms of discounts.

1. Sweatcoin

This app pays you to walk outside. If you enjoy counting your steps anyways, then you will love earning rewards for your steps. The app allows you to collect sweatcoins. Some of the benefits involve a free exercise class such as yoga or something more difficult –earning $1,000 in cash which needs strategy and harder work.

2. Upload your Receipts

Some market research companies are willing to pay or reward consumers for uploading their receipts. They do this because they want to study shoppers’ habits and research what they’re buying. It doesn’t take very much time to upload a receipt and start earning rewards. Some apps that operate along these lines are: Receipt Hog, Shoppix, CheckoutSmart, Shopprize UK, SnapMyEats, and GreenJinn.

3. Fill out Surveys

Although surveys can be time consuming and there are often better ways to earn money, it can’t hurt to have a couple survey apps on your phone. You can always start filling out a survey while you’re waiting at the dentist’s office, picking up your kids from school, taking public transportation, etc. These opportunities are ideal to earn a little bit of extra spending money on the side. Some survey companies are more legitimate than others, so it can’t hurt to read some reviews of the companies before starting a survey. Once you start, try to redeem any of the cash you make immediately.

Once you’ve set up these apps, it’s also possible to establish yourself selling either a product or service online. You can sell things on several websites and it doesn’t hurt to research which one is best for you.

4. Sell your old clothes

Most people have extra clothes that they have never worn or don’t plan to wear anymore in their closet. The UK in total has £140 million worth of clothes going to landfills every year. This statistic shows how wasteful people can be while hurting the environment at the same time. Think of all the business opportunities that could come from the abundance of clothing. You can start in your own home by clearing out the clothing items that don’t serve a purpose anymore and selling them. It’s also possible to take your clothes to charity shops and vintage clothing stores.

5. Sell digital printables

As individuals purchase more and more high quality printers for their homes, the demand and market for digital printables has expanded. If your own printer lacks the right amount of quality, then you could find someone on fiverr which would make it easy and affordable.

Some Design Ideas: (1) Digital CVs – it’s best to have a professionally designed CV since employers only take six seconds these days to assess your CV. (2) Sell collections of Pinterest templates in packages of four or six. Thousands of bloggers use Pinterest and want to stand out from the others. (3) Party invites can be personalized, sold, and printed. (4) Budget planners could be designed and prepared for download. These are often best sellers although there’s quite a bit of competition.

6. Start working as a virtual assistant

In the last few years, virtual assistants have become quite popular. The most popular tasks for a VA are managing social media accounts, working on admin tasks, sending and replying to emails, and so forth. Usually the amount of money you make in these positions is fairly substantial especially if you have previous experience which can make you highly sought after by bloggers and small businesses. Some agencies can help you find work but often the best way is through word of mouth.

7. Freelance Writer

While some may think that you have to be a professional or be published to become a freelance writer, this isn’t always the case. Of course having a background in writing with some publications can help you get more work, it isn’t always necessary. Everyone has a unique writing style which might be just what someone is looking for. You certainly should have a writing sample to show someone before they would hire you. For example, a blog post you’ve written, a post on your own website, or a word file with something you’ve written can be used to present your writing skills.

8. Start working as a mystery shopper

One of the most popular part-time jobs in the UK is working as a mystery shopper. It certainly would be interesting to get paid to shop. Some examples of mystery shopping would involve going to a specific store and completing a task requested by the company such as: asking specific questions, verifying stock levels, or buying a particular item. Once the task is completed, you would submit your report to the company. Mystery shoppers are always in control of their schedule and can often take children or friends with them. This would also help disguise them as a mystery shopper. For more information please see the link below: 

Mystery Shopping in the UK


9. Test Websites

Do you love to surf the internet while on your couch at home? If you know what you want, how to find it, and navigate around new websites then there are companies searching for these skills. These companies need to figure out whether these websites are user-friendly and easy to navigate. A sample task is booking a holiday on the website. The company would track how you book it and if you run into any difficulties along the way. Another sample task could be making suggestions and providing feedback about the website. They might also want you to search for something. You might be asked to do a number of such tasks and be rewarded quite well for your efforts. The jobs often pay anywhere from £10 to £50 for working from home. However, if you attend an in-person user testing event then you would get paid quite a bit more. These jobs can be quite competitive to get but you might get two or three projects per month.

10. Search Engine Evaluator

Working as a search engine evaluator allows you to be part of the human algorithm at Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo. While you might have thought that the algorithm is fully automated, in fact the results of popular searches are often decided by humans. There are several outsourcing companies that hire for Google. In the past, you could keep working for years in this position, but they have started putting limits on the amount of time you can work for the company. So don’t get too comfortable if you get hired for this position because it could come to an end at any point. The pay is fair for relatively monotonous work, so you have to enjoy carrying out the same task over and over again. Also, be prepared with solid virus protection software because all the surfing on the web leaves your computer vulnerable to a whole host of viruses. Google does not take responsibility for the virus protection software on your machine.

The main companies recruiting for these types of positions are Appen and Lionbridge. You would have a considerable advantage in getting hired if you speak a second language in addition to English. Both companies either openly test you for the position or present it as a training/orientation phase. The downside of working for these companies is that you can be fired without any notice. One week you might receive an email telling you that you’re doing a great job and the next week you might be fired. As a result, you can’t solely depend on these positions as a solid source of income. They do provide a great opportunity for a part-time job, however. You might even be promoted or given a raise if they like the work you do.

11. Selling on Amazon

If you have ideas about items you might like to sell on Amazon, this can be quite a lucrative part-time position. All you need to do is open up a sellers account and you can get started immediately. You have the option of either paying Amazon a fee for each item you sell or a monthly flat rate which isn’t based on the amount of sales. In the beginning, it might be better to choose the option of paying per item as you might not know how many items you will sell.

Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program is also worth investigating as Amazon packages and ships your items for you. Although this costs more, it allows you to have more free time to focus on selling and marketing.

12. How to be an Amazon Affiliate

The Amazon affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring customers to Amazon through a sale that is completed with your referral link. You can provide your link through your own website, your YouTube channel, and Instagram. Once a shopper clicks the link that you provided, you get a percentage of the sales.

13. Tutor Kids Online

Recently online education and tutoring has grown rapidly especially during the pandemic. If you have language skills or subject-based skills, even without formal training in some cases, you can tutor online. The pay can be good enough to the point where people take on quite a few hours and quit their corporate jobs for these positions.

14. Become a Professional Ironer

If you love to iron while others might not have time or like it, why not consider this as a part-time job. You might be able to earn anywhere from £10-12 per hour. Some ironers charge by the bag. Figure out how long it takes you to complete one bag and then charge accordingly. You would probably have to advertise your services in a more traditional way for this position. Asking at local cleaning companies would be a place to start.

15. Dog Walking

If you love animals, you might consider becoming a dog walker. Some people would check your credentials in terms of insurance, paperwork, and references. Another benefit is you could walk more than one dog at a time to earn more money.

16. Food Delivery

Home food delivery has become more and more popular especially during or since the start of the pandemic. Companies such as Deliveroo or JustEat employ drivers to deliver packages all over. If you have a car, moped, or bike it would be a great opportunity to earn some extra cash. Sometimes you would be able to determine your own hours. Make sure to confirm that your insurance covers this type of work.

17. Become a Driver

If you have a car you could become an Uber driver. The advantages of Uber are the ability to choose your own hours and if you drive more you earn more. One of the great benefits it that your pay gets deposited weekly. Your car must be relatively new in other words not more than 10 years old. But, once you sign up you’re good to go.

18. Become a Bartender

One of the more traditional ways to work part-time is bartending. In this position, you have to interact with people, be able to work on your feet, and handle cash. Although it might not be as popular to work in the food service industry since the pandemic started, bartending is still a highly desirable position for many.

19. Babysitting

Another classic way to work part-time is babysitting. In order to play it safe it would be good to get first-aid training in case there’s an emergency. The pay would probably be around £15 per hour and increase based upon the number of children.

20. Deliver Packages

One example of part-time work that would involve delivering packages is Amazon Flex. Once you sign up for the position, you have to work a minimum of one hour, but it allows you to be somewhat flexible. The pay is between £12-15 per hour.

Hopefully this list has provided you with some ideas for earning money each day. Although these positions usually aren’t full-time, you would definitely be able to carry out several positions at once to earn a decent salary. Good luck with your search!