How would you like to meet local tradesmen who take their valuables behind their cars and sell them in the market they come from? If you are waiting for a perfect shopping with the items you want and need for daily life, in addition to special home and office items, we would like to present you the Car Boot Sales near me list.

We offer you extraordinary selections where you can buy excellent items at the most affordable prices. You can choose the nearest address for the car boot you want, and you can buy the item you need among dozens of different car boots at the most affordable price. So, let's move on to the choices that are worth adding to our list.

Car boot sales in North London

St Augustine's Car Boot Sale

St Augustine's Car Boot Sale is a street market in Kilburns, north London. It is possible to buy many items from traditional clothes to household items in this region, which is visited by both local people and others. You won't need a lot of money for this car boot, which has been gathered in the same area for 25 years and looks more like a flea market. Moreover, the vast majority of sellers are ready to bargain for you.

You shouldn't promise anyone between 7am-2pm on Saturday for this unique car boot available at St Augustine's School, Kilburn Park Road, NW6 5SN. St Augustine's Car Boot Sale also offers a wide collection of furniture items to garden items.

Classic Car Boot Sale

Classic Car Boot Sale is a car boot again in North London where more professional items are for sale. Here, old cars, traditional clothes and much more are waiting for you hidden in car trunks. The Classic Car Boot Sale is also one of the largest examples of car boots in London, which is spread over a wide area, and it can take almost as long as a shopping mall to visit this place. Dozens of different options are offered, from jewelry to household items, from classic records to vintage cars.

The Classic Car Boot Sale is located in Kings Cross St Pancras and meets well-attended 3 times a year. In fact, this place can be considered as a festival. All stands are lined up in a single lane and aligned

Car boot sales in East London


Princess May Car Boot Sale

Located in West London, Princess May Car Boot Sale is held in the garden of a large school in Stoke Newington. This region, which welcomes local and foreign guests as a more lively place on weekends, is a place where mostly small household goods and used technological goods are sold. Although there are generally used items here, there are also clean and new items. There are also daily items in this car boot, where antique items are more concentrated.

This market, which starts at the early hours of the day, at around 9 am, starts early for those who are looking for both more suitable and more useful items. You can find the Princess May Car Boot Sale at Princess May School, Princess May Rd, N16 8DF. This place can be preferred between 7.30-14.00 on weekends.


Car boot sales in South London


Peckham Car Boot

Peckham Car Boot, one of the most crowded car boot centers in South London, consists of dozens of cars spread over a very large area. The items you will buy from the shopkeepers, who have almost a house full of items in their car trunks, have a wide range of items from traditional old clothes to new technological items.

Peckham Car Boot, which is a region where people in preparation for weddings usually look for wedding clothes and belongings, also houses various care and clothing items for military candidates. Pet care and nutrition products are also available at Peckham Car Boot. Peckham Car Boot is located at Harris Academy, 112 Peckham Rd, SE15 5DZ and is only open on Sundays from 10:30am-2pm.


Crystal Palace Car Boot

Crystal Palace Car Boot, which is a suitable place for Wednesday plans, is one of the mobile markets located in a large area. Here, mostly paintings, used tools, old jewellery, antiques, household goods, classic books and frozen meals are sold. Due to its large area, there are also excursion areas, an amusement park and small mobile amusement parks for children. At the same time, there are 2 large mobile restaurants in the region and street food is sold.

The Crystal Palace Boot is located at Crystal Palace Park, The Italian Terraces, Anerley Hill, Bromley, SE19 2BA. For this car boot, you can schedule a trip every Wednesday from 7am to 12.30pm.

Capital Car Boot Sale Pimlico

Just a few minutes' walk from Pimlico Station, the Capital Car Boot Sale is one of London's most diverse car boot sales options. If you are in search of car boot sales near me and you are close to this area, you can experience the Capital Car Boot Sale and add it to your luggage from the items offered for you. Capital Car Boot Sale has a two-way sales area. Apart from the traditional car boot sale, it also has an area reminiscent of a shopping mall, where it is possible to dine or have fun in the park.

This area, which offers an ideal space especially for parents, exhibits dozens of different items from bicycles to jewelry, from valuables to books. Capital Car Boot is located at The Pimlico Academy, Chichester Street Entrance, Lupus Street, Pimlico, SW1V 3AT and is open Sunday 11am-14.30pm only.

Battersea Boot

Battersea Boot, which does not open its doors until lunch and serves by planning an evening outing, mostly houses collection products, designer products, books, jewelery and a few valuable household items. Battersea Boot, which was first opened in 1999 and is one of the cleanest car boot options in London, is located very close to Battersea Park and the River Thames, and those who come to shop spend their time wandering around before or after shopping.

Battersea Boot, Harris Academy, an area located at 401 Battersea Park Road, SW11 5AP and operates from 13:30 to 17:00 on Sundays only.

Car boot sales in West London

Chiswick Car Boot Sale

Located in leafy Chiswick, this car boot option can be preferred mostly to provide financial resources to the poor families and students of Chiswick School. The Chiswick Car Boot Sale is a small car boot located in West London whose main goal is to raise money from sellable tiny house and play items to the Chiswick School Parent Teachers Association. These items, which are offered for sale at very low prices, generally include household items, play tools and equipment for children, bicycles and small toy cars, paintings and frames, and much more.

Chiswick Car Boot Sale; Chiswick School is located at Burlington Lane, Hounslow, W4 3UN and is open on the first Sunday of every month. However, there is a short break due to the school holidays in January.

Denham Giant Car Boot Sale

Among the Car Boot Sales near me options, Denham Giant Car Boot Sale is a professional car boot option that should be seen. Generally collected by garage owners who have been serving in this field for years, this car boot provides mostly upper segment sales. In this context, you may have to pay more as a fee than others. In general, although the items contain antique and traditional items, luxury and state-of-the-art products are also available in this market. The cars that are already used for sale also seem to be a little more luxurious than other car boot examples.

The Denham Giant Car Boot Sale is located at Denham Ct Dr, Denham, Uxbridge, UB9 5PG and has opened in March.

Shepperton Car Boot

Another option for Car Boot Sales near me in London is Shepperton Car Boot. Located near movie studios, this car boot offers mostly traditional housewares and modern clothing. Shepperton Car Boot, which appeals to all segments in terms of price and has a wide range of products, opens after 8.30 and gets very crowded especially at noon.

In this region, where the entrance cost per vehicle is 12 pounds, product sales are generally made in a certain number. Located at Shepperton Car Boot, New Road, Shepperton, TW17 0QQ. Shepperton Car Boot, which started sales again in April, closes in March.