The use of shisha has become more popular over time, causing people to look for a bar where they can smoke as they wish. The best shisha bars in London you can go to in 2022 are listed below.

1. The Shisha Garden

The Shisha Garden is located at the end of the Northern Line in Edgware. It is a very spectacular place. The interior of the place is decorated with handmade ceramics and there are works of art to delight visitors.

The Shisha Garden was opened in 1989 by Toullis of Greek origin from Cyprus. While it was a house before, it has now turned into a place where people can smoke comfortably. The plants in the garden are furnished with colourful lights. Visitors can spend hours here without ever getting bored.

The Shisha Garden has a dress code to please its visitors, so visitors should dress modestly, albeit relatively. It is possible to reach the venue by using the nearest station -Edgware. However, you can always come to The Shisha Garden after becoming a member.

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2. Coco Grill & Lounge

When you think of shisha bars in London, Coco Grill & Lounge is one of the first places that come to mind. The fact that it is located next to the River Thames and has a view of Tower Bridge makes the place special. However, Coco Grill & Lounge is not cheap. You have to pay 50 pounds to smoke a hookah, but you can be sure that it will be extremely delicious.

The different flavours include many different fruits such as lemon, peach, mint and so on. If you want to come to Coco Grill & Lounge, the nearest station is London Bridge.

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3. Beirut Nights

Beirut Nights is not only one of the best shisha bars in London, it is also known as the best Lebanese restaurant in the city. Beirut Nights proves that it welcomes the guests in the best way with the awards it has, delicious food and drinks await you. Here you can both smoke and enjoy the heated terrace.

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4. Tagine

Tagine is the correct address to enjoy unique Moroccan cuisine while smoking hookah! Located below Tooting Bec Common and in Balham, the venue has been serving the area since 2004. The guests are delighted to be at Tagine with its architecture, which is furnished in accordance with the North African style, its friendly staff, and delicious food.

At Tagine, you can smoke hookah along with great food for only 15 pounds. Moreover, it is up to you whether to try different flavours or not. If you are going to smoke hookah here, we recommend you drink Moroccan mint tea with it. The nearest station to come to Tagine is Balham.

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5. Zeyara Shisha Lounge

Those looking for a pleasant shisha bar to visit in Woodford may prefer Zeyara Shisha lounge. There are also many aesthetic details in the place where you will see technological arrangements in terms of architecture. The waiters are incredibly hospitable. The food is exceptionally delicious, and besides the hookah, you can also try delicious drinks such as milkshakes.

Zeyara Shisha lounge menu includes both Western dishes (hamburgers, chicken, lamb chops, etc.) and delicious dishes from Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. The venue is open every day of the week.

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6. Café Cairo (Permanently Closed)

You will not find a better place to feel like you are in Egypt in the UK than Cafe Cairo. When you step inside, you will see that the unique ambiance will impress you. The greenery around it makes food and hookah smoking more enjoyable. On weekends, Cafe Cairo is open until 2 am. The nearest station you should use to get to the one of the best shisha bars in London is Clapham North.

The oriental breezes at Cafe Cairo will make you feel like you are in a dream. In addition to coffee, tea, and cocktails, the menu includes Turkish delights, chocolate desserts, baklavas, and more.

At Cafe Cairo, you can sit on the cushions and enjoy the low tables. In addition, you may want to try the tent, which turns into a movie theatre once a week.

7. Hookah Lounge

Hookah Lounge is located right in the heart of East London. In this hookah bar, you can try hookah teas in more than 30 flavours. These flavours include Turkish apple tea, mint tea, Himalayan fire tea, and the hidden aromas of Hookah Lounge.

While smoking hookah, you can try appetizers, mezes, cocktails and fruits. Food is also extremely delicious. All hookahs at Hookah Lounge are nicotine and tar free. In this way, you can smoke in a healthier way. The nearest station you should use to get to Hookah Lounge is Shoreditch High Street.

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8. Syon Shisha Lounge

Syon Shisha Lounge will give you an experience you have never had before. This place is indispensable for a sophisticated ambiance where you can smoke hookah in London. On the menu, the foods are made by Chef Julieusz Diasz; you can find not only Middle Eastern dishes but also sushi dishes.

Visited by many famous boxers and football players and one of the best options on the shisha bars in London list, Syon Shisha Lounge is a great restaurant. You will have an excellent experience with hookahs with different aromas.

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9. Drunch

Drunch was founded in 2013 by Aboudi and Hom. The venue is run by a Syrian family. At the Drunch, which also looks like a social club, you can have brunch and feast on homemade desserts.

Drunch also has a sister restaurant located in St John's Wood, which offers its guests à la carte dinners and unique cocktails. You can smoke hookah in both. There are 2 stations close to Drunch; St Johns and Bond Street.

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10. The Banc Restaurant & Shisha Lounge

When we approach north on the list of the best shisha bars in London, we come across The Banc Shisha Lounge. Fabio and the venue, which started to host its guests in Jan 2011, will welcome you with Turkish and Mediterranean breezes. The Banc Shisha Lounge is open every day of the week, but opening hours vary.

The food is of high quality and has many different prizes. The Banc Shisha Lounge will offer you both a visual and a tasteful feast with burgers made with halal meat. The best ingredients from the city are used in the dishes. In addition, there are works of art in the hookah lounge. The Banc Shisha Lounge hosts wealthy football players and well-known players like Amir Khan throughout the year. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors. The first rule of The Banc Shisha Lounge is to treat every client as a VIP. The staffs are professional and friendly.

Be sure to dress stylishly before coming to The Banc Shisha Lounge. Prices are very reasonable compared to the quality of the venue. There is a wide variety of hot and cold beverage options. In addition, hookahs with different aromas are among the best in the region. These flavours include lemon, grape, mint, raspberry, apple, etc.

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11. Mamounia Lounge

Mamounia Lounge is at the top of the list of luxury shisha bars in London. It was designed in accordance with Arabian architecture. The food is exquisite, the wines and cocktails are also unique. At the same time, hookahs are wonderful. You can order homemade lemonade to accompany a 5 pound hookah.

Mamounia Lounge is ideal for trying different hookah flavours. Every hookah flavour you can imagine is available here, from raisin ice cream to black mint. Far apart from other venues, you can also include alcoholic beverages such as champagne, wine, and vodka in your hookah flavour. The closest station to Mamounia Lounge is Green Park.

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12. Maya Lounge

Maya Lounge is located in Whetstone and Totteridge. It is one of the most popular venues for hookah lovers. The food served here is appetizing. Everything you are looking for, from falafels to grilled chicken, from shawarma to delicious meats, is here. The drinks menu also includes wines, cocktails made with London's finest ingredients, and, of course soft drinks!

Maya Lounge features Middle Eastern decor. Hookah flavours range from classic to fruity. When you come here from Thursday to Sunday, you also have the opportunity to watch the belly dance show. The stations you will use to come to Maya Lounge are Whetstone and Totteridge.

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13. Momo

Momo was founded in the 90s by Algerian & Parisian Mourad Mazouz. The place where you will find North African flavours on the menu is highly flamboyant. Here you can have brunch or dinner and enjoy mezes and couscous.

We recommend you drink Moroccan's famous teas with hookah. You will also find African flavours in hookah aromas. Date buns, cheesecake, rose water, and much more -don't be late to join this flavour feast at Momo.

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14. Tigerbay Shisha Lounge

Tigerbay Shisha Lounge welcomes its guests with its luxurious decor. Hookah alternatives are plentiful and boast an ostentatious beer garden. The menu mainly includes Indian dishes. Vegetarian options, curry fish, and much more await you here. Tigerbay Shisha Lounge is open every day of the week, but opening hours vary.

With more than 20 dessert options, Tigerbay Shisha Lounge serves hookah called mocktail, and is prepared with different flavours. You can choose the one that best suits your taste among the hookah flavours inspired by different parts of the world. The nearest station you can use to arrive at Tigerbay Shisha Lounge is Kingbury.

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15. Amouage Lounge

Amouage Lounge contains elements of Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine. It has both modern sitting areas and orientalist sofas. Besides dinner, you can also have lunch and breakfast here.

Enjoy different flavoured hookahs at the venue, and the prices are low compared to other shisha bars in London. In addition, the food in Amouage Lounge is delicious, and the most preferred hookah flavours include mint and grapes.

Amouage Lounge opens at 12 pm every day of the week and closes at 4 am. It has a parking area and wheelchair access. The venue is located 3.4 km from Hampstead Heath. The employees are very interested and professional.

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