Everyone is fed up with playing the same drinking games at the beginning of every night. Something other than a new Ring of Fire game.

Whether you're looking for classics or fresh titles, we've got a vast selection for you to pick from.

1. Enemies and Friends

In the Friends and Enemies drinking game, which is not for the faint of heart, friendships have been shattered. Each individual in the circle should be given their own personal deck of cards, and each person should be expected to keep their cards private. First, the person who goes first takes a card and places it in the middle of everyone's cards, identifying one of the others as they do. It is expected that the designated drinker will take a sip at the given time and place (five seconds for the five of spades, for example). The color of one's suit and shirt should not matter. An issue, though! A member of the group can "rescue" someone by handing them a card with the same number of hearts (for example, a five of hearts) as the person they are saving (gaining a friend but also making an enemy). In other words, the time increases by a factor of 2 to 10 if they don't drink. Drinking for up to 20 seconds is possible if the chances are not in your favor (or 40 seconds if the cards are of greater value).

Watch out for the following guidelines:

The tens are used as a count on all pictorial cards (Jack, Queen, and King). We are not monsters in the end. No, you will not be saved, let me make that plain. The only way to save yourself if you've been chosen to drink is to utilize one of your own cards. It's all you can do at this point to wait for assistance to arrive. It's completely up to you whether or not to play. To conserve a seven for someone who has been chosen to drink for seven seconds, you are not obligated to do so. There is a valid reason behind the name Friends and Enemies.

2. Mr. and Mrs.


Drinking games at weddings are popular, but it may also be used as a drinking game. This game is best played in small groups of people who know one other. The first two people in line should be ready to go. If you were to posit the hypothetical question, "Which among us is the most messed up?" You'll be asked a series of questions after that. Some individuals were made to fight, while others were not. Which of you was born a heavyweight or a lightweight?

Because it is theirs, they will hold their glasses high in the air. If they sense the presence of the other person, they will lower their glass to the ground. They win if their answers are the same. If Georgina and Claire both believe they are the dirtiest persons in the room, they are OK. If one of them perceives the other to be a messier person, they will be compelled to drink (or both feel that they are a messier person). This may be a lot of fun and perhaps a little contentious if you're clever with your inquiries. It is important to keep an eye on your friendships while you're doing it!

3. Irish Snap

When playing Irish Snap, it is best to stick with a small group of friends. Inspect each table to ensure that everyone has adequate room to go to the center. You should also remove all jewelry from your hands, including rings (you'll understand why later). Do not peek at your cards! Make sure everyone has the same amount of cards (and put any surplus away). You should keep them face down on a desk or table until you need them. Have each member of your party take a turn passing an upright-only card around the table. Each time you play, you have to start again with a king-valued card before laying it down again.

"Ace" is declared by the player who is the first one to play their card. A snap may be made by repeating the same number that appears on the card you've set down out loud. Everyone needs to grab cards spread out in the middle of the table as soon as someone yells "snap" (or forcefully slam it in most circumstances). Remove all of the cards from the middle pile once you've had a drink. It's your job to get rid of all of your cards in this game. It becomes increasingly difficult to abstain from drinking more alcohol.

4. Across the Globe

This game has been referred to by many different names and has undergone several rebranding attempts. Wikipedia also refers to this game by the titles "Irish Poker," "Chico High Low," "Foam Game," "North Carolina," "Up and Down the River," "Charleston Special," "Buja," "Death Valley," or "Unlucky Sevens." In addition to being called "The Four Card Game," another degree of ambiguity has been added. Not likely to happen at all. At the very least, this game's first round is straightforward. To begin, four cards are set out in front of the player; they must guess on each one. Next, they must determine whether or not the fourth card is a red or black suit after determining whether or not the first three cards are red or black, and whether or not the second card is higher or lower than the first. Drinking privileges are reserved for those who successfully answer the question, while those who erroneously answer the question must sip from a cup.

As part of the second round, the dealer will set a "give" and "take" column on top of the table. The cards are flipped over one at a time, and if a card number matches a card that was given to the player in the first round, they either take or offer alcohol. There is no limit to the number of drinks that can be purchased. Depending on the quantity of cards a player possesses or their location in a row of cards, they may be eligible for free drinks in some situations (one, two, three or four). A successful event is one in which people are drinking.

5. Piccolo

It's true that apps for drinking games exist nowadays. You can play the Piccolo drinking game even if you don't have cards or glasses to play with. Only the first level of the application is available for free download; all further levels require money (warning: you will undoubtedly do so after a few drinks). To begin, simply type in the names of the players and choose a difficulty level from the drop-down menu. Using the program, you will be guided through the procedure.

The 'Getting Started' level of the program is straightforward, with duties like "Guys who are presently working, drink twice" and "If you've ever had surgery, offer two drinks." If you'd rather have a lava floor, a waterfall, and "would you rather?" in your game, there's an option to purchase more levels. It's a good idea to have your phone connected in whenever feasible when using this app before a night out.

6. Never Have I Ever

Although Never Have I Ever may be an opportunity for some players to learn new and perhaps scandalous information from random strangers, it is also a moment for other players to show off their accomplishments in a short amount of time. The phrase "Never have I ever...," followed by a harsh or humiliating conclusion, is spoken by each individual in turn.

As an example, "I've never done a 12-hour shift." As a result, each member of the group must drink water. It's no surprise that this is a popular freshman week activity because it helps you get to know your new housemates.

7. Task Master

Task Master is a great pre-drinking game since it demands you to go up to strangers in a bar or public place and ask them questions. The winner of a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors before the game gets to be Task Master No. 1 for the day.

A responsibility (or possibly a privilege) is placed on the Task Master when one of these duties is assigned to someone in the group, whether or not that person is aware that you're playing this game. You may be asked to borrow some underwear from your neighbor's flat, for example.

The guidelines are as follows:

There is a penalty if you refuse to perform what is asked of you.

Half of your drink is forfeited if the assignment is not completed (i.e., you give away the game).

Everyone in the group gets a drink if the assignment is completed successfully, and you take on the position of Task Master.

It's also a terrific game to play when you're really out on the town, so keep that in mind! Set a challenge for everyone to fulfill throughout the course of the night, and watch as each person tries and fails. In the morning, you may then talk about it during your post-workout debrief.

8. Beer Pong

In order to participate in this drinking game, one must engage in some form of physical activity. It's a must-have for Beer Pong enthusiasts. In a triangular shape, six transparent plastic cups should be placed on either end of a table (a bit like 10 pin bowling). Each cup should not be crammed with beer for the occasion (or whatever your preferred beverage is).

Separate the members of the group into two groups. Each team alternately throws a cup from the other end of the table. A drink must be taken by a member of the other side each time their player commits a mistake. The team that removes all of the cups first wins the night's bragging rights (Alternatively, it might be the year if the triumph was extremely stunning).

9. Drinking Jenga

As long as you have some sharpies, you can go crazy with this one. Make sure you get up a Jenga set as well! (do a Jenga whip-round if you and your roommates are all fans of the drinking game, so that your home may have its own set of intoxicated Jenga.).

To assemble the Jenga tower, simply use your standard assembly techniques. If any of the Jenga blocks are removed from the tower, they must be assembled according to the directions engraved into the blocks. Before the company begins to eat, everyone adds a small amount of their beverage to a pint glass. Someone is going to have to drink all of the glass if the Jenga tower is brought down.

10. Loose Tongue

Even if you've heard it called something else, Loose Tongues is a game that tests your ability to think quickly. When you're playing with two individuals, you should always count to three before passing a card on to a different player. A word that begins with the same letter as the card's suit is the next step.

As soon as you show them the seven of hearts, they may cry, "HOTDOGS, HOUSE, HAMMER!" To see who can come up with the most creative word, it's a competition. Consider introducing categories or words that begin with a second or third letter to make it more tough. When people are in a state of fear (and under the effect of alcohol), they often utter the most bizarre statements, which is why this one is so amusing.